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In case you missed our previous communications, CCMC is migrating from Pacific Western Bank (PWB) to Alliance Association Bank (AAB) to improve service to homeowners, effective July 2023. This change will require you to update your payment information, whether you have recurring payments, online payments, or if you pay by mail. Please take a moment to review the following payment updates.
What is the deadline for completing these changes?
To ensure payments are processed before the due date, please complete the action required for your account according to the instructions below before August 15th. This will ensure no interruption to your recurring payment processing and no late fees. 
If you currently utilize:
Recurring Payments - (CCMC - ACH)
Homeowners will receive a payment authorization request email from AAB upon transition ( A one-time authorization via this secure email will be required for continued recurring payments. The first email was transmitted to homeowners on 8/5/23. A sample email can be found here. A follow-up message will be sent from AAB if no response is received. 
Homeowners who do not respond will be deactivated from the automatic payment system and required to re-register on the Alliance Bank Payment Portal
The final date to authorize recurring payments via email was September 4. If you did not respond, you have been automatically deactivated from the automatic payment system and will need to re-enroll or utilize an alternate payment method. 
Any resident who set up an account via Alliance Association Bank should log into their AAB account and verify automatic payments have been scheduled. 
Recurring Payments - (PACIFIC WEST ACH)
To avoid duplicate payment processing, PWB payments were terminated and you may have received a cancellation notice when your account was terminated.
To continue recurring payments, you will need to log into the Alliance Association Bank to create a new account and set up new recurring payments: Alliance Bank Payment Portal 
*CCMC has implemented precautionary measures to avoid any double recurring payment pulls during the upcoming August assessments by canceling all homeowner's recurring payments with Pacific West Bank (PWB). All recurring payments with PWB were canceled before 7/31/2023. If you received a notification from PWB, please note that payments will not be drafted.
E-Checks/Debit/Credit Payments (One Time Payment) 
Select the eCheck or Credit/Debit Card icon and follow the instructions. Additionally, you may select "Find My Account By Address" for your specific property information.
Management Company ID: 6675
Association ID: 130
Property Account Number: Your 6-digit account number
Please note that there is a fee to process e-checks ($2.95 per check) and debit/credit cards (credit cards are a 3.5% service fee; debit cards are a $5.00 flat fee).
Payment by Mail
Please make sure to include the statement and write your account number on the check. The new mailing address is:
Gladden Farms Community Association
c/o CCMC Processing Center
PO Box 93327
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327
We know this can be inconvenient, and we appreciate your assistance in this transition! Our team is here to help with navigating this change. If you have any questions about your account or our payment options, feel free to contact a member of your onsite team at (520) 448-5300.

Assessments and Payments

Assessments are due on the 1st of each quarter. Assessments must be processed by the 15th of the due month. Any payments processed/received after the 15th of the month are subject to late fees. 
Quarterly assessment due dates:
  • January 1
  • April 1
  • July 1
  • October 1
By visiting the CCMC Resident Portal, you are able to access your account information and view your statements, payment history, compliance items, and other important community information. Your username is your account number, which can be found on your mailed statements. Your password was also mailed along with your statement. 
To make a payment online, or establish recurring electronic payments, please visit the Alliance Association Bank Payment Portal

Recurring Payments

To establish eligibility for recurring payment processing through Alliance Association Bank, please visit the Alliance Association Bank Payment Portal
1) Under New Users, elect to Set up Account
2) Follow the prompts as directed
The Management ID number for payments is 6675.
The Association ID number for payments is 130.
*Please note there is no charge for the election of recurring eCheck payments.

Electronic Checks, Debit, and Credit Card Payments

To make a one-time payment with a Debit/Credit Card, please visit the Alliance Association Bank Payment Portal
1) Under One Time Payment, select the Debit/Credit Card icon
2) Follow the prompts as directed 
*Please note the bank charges a $5.00 flat processing fee per debit card transaction and a 3.5% per credit card transaction. American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa are accepted. Phone payments are not available. 

Payments by Mail

To make a payment by mail: 
Payments can also be mailed to the below address for payment. You can mail a check, cashier's check, or money order to pay your quarterly assessments. When mailing checks to our payment processing center, be sure to include your statement and account number with each payment.
Gladden Farms Community Association
C/O CCMC Processing Center 
P.O. Box 93327
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327

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