The Gladden Name

Where does Gladden Farms get it's name?
Like most of the streets and communities in Marana, Gladden Farms gets it's name from one of the families that were a part of the Marana community when the town was first founded. The Gladden family held a huge role in farming.
James E. "Ned" Gladden came to Marana in 1927 to help his uncle on his farm. In 1928, he returned to his home state, Oklahoma, and married Castelle Wright, and returned to Arizona not much later. They moved to Chandler and raised 4 children, Joyce, William Thomas (W.T.), Jim, and David while running a small dairy in 1936.
In 1955, the family sold their dairy and purchased 160 acres on the west side of the Valley. At that time, W.T. began to help his father with the farm. The other sons began their careers in farming as time went on and eventually Ned retired in 1974, selling the original 160 acres of farmland.
W.T. still remains in Arizona today and the Gladdens have continued their lives in farming all over the United States.

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