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Gladden Farms Community Association ARC Submittal 
Download and print a plot map/neighbor consent page here.
View Submittal Instructions & Process here
The ARC typically meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Submissions are due no later than noon on Wednesday preceding the scheduled meeting date.
If you have any questions concerning the review process, please call (520) 448-5300.
  The ARC will review and respond to your application within forty-five (45) days.  Please check your spam folder as the response emails do come from a software program and can get caught by your spam filter. 
Architectural Review Form
Materials that you will use for the proposed structural improvements. (Note: Please upload a color sample for any colored materials that will be used.)
Approved color location per scheme named above
Size of improvement (if applicable)
I understand That the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will act on this request after its receipt, at the next regular meeting.
I agree not to begin improvement(s) until I have been notified of the committee's decision.
The submittal of this application in no way constitutes approval of the proposed plan.
Approval of any plan(s) shall not constitute an approval, ratification, or endorsement of the quality or architectural or engineering soundness of the proposed improvement(s)
Neither the committee or the Association nor management shall have any liability for any defects in the plans, specifications, or improvements.
As Applicant, I have read and understand the design guidelines and applicable CC&Rs concerning design and construction in gladden Farms.
As Applicant, I acknowledge that the person reviewing the plans and specifications will change with time and that the opinion on aesthetic matters, as well as interpretation and application of the guidelines, may vary accordingly.
I acknowledge that it may not always be possible to identify objectionable features of proposed improvements until the improvements have been completed, in which case it may be unreasonable to require changes to the improvements involved.
However, the committee may, (but is not required) perform a view analysis, communicate with neighboring property owners, or charge a fee when professional assistance is needed.
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